Command line flags

Option Name Role
/login=xxx Account login to be used to play online.
/password=xxx Account password
/profile=xxx Forces using a specific profile on disk. (to avoid the profile choice dialog)
/validation=xxx Specifies the account validation key (the last three chracters of the player key) to be able to perform transactions with planets.
/join=xxx Joins a server. (xxx = the server ip adress with optional port, or the server login.)
/spectate=xxx Same as /join, but join as spectator.
/joinasreferee=xxx Same as /join, but join as referee.
/serverpassword=xxx Password to use to join the server if the server is private.
/silent Skips news, etc... to allow joining a server without any user interaction.
/file=xxx Opens a Replay.Gbx or a Challenge.Gbx file. (xxx = full path to the file.)
/url=xxx Opens a maniaplanet:// url with the game.
/shootvideo=xxx Shoots a replay to a video file. (xxx = replay file. aboslute file name or relative to Tracks/Replays/).
/validatepath=xxx Mass validates all the replays in a directory (xxx = name relative to Tracks/Replays/).
/windowless Disable creation of the 3D viewport. (useful for batch processing with /validatepath, for instance)
/list_benchs=xxx Benchmarks a list of replays. (xxx = name of a text file containing the replays file names.)
/bench=xxx Benchmarks a replay (xxx = full path to the replay file name) (Internal: if no filename is specified, performs a quick technical benchmark for the default launcher settings)
/computeallshadows Computes the lightmaps for all the challenges on disk.
/config=xxx Use a specific ".SystemConfig.Gbx" config file.
/userdir=xxx Changes the default "My Documents/ManiaPlanet/" location. (either a full path, or just "exe" to use the exe directory.)
/useexedir Run in the directory where the executable is, instead of the current directory.
/title=xxx Sets the title to be used. Only this title and its subtitles will be playable.
/testtitle=mytitle@login Launch and test a title directly instead of going into the pack editor, selecting the pack, going to the title section and clicking on test.
/checkdataintegrity Launch and check for data integrity on titlepacks.