Text formatting

Whenever you type text in Maniaplanet, you can customize the text formatting with simple control characters. You can for example use this to customize your nickname in the profile menu.

Control characters

Control character Formatting
$w Wide
$n Narrow
$o Bold
$i Italic
$t Uppercase
$s Drop shadow
$g Reset to default color
$z Reset to default text style
$$ Display a $ character


You can use colors with a 3-character hexadecimal code of the desired colour appended to the $ sign:

  • Each 3 characters can have 16 values from 0 to f (0123456789abcdef).
  • The first character is the red colour pallet, then green and blue.

Here a few examples

  • $000: black
  • $f00: red
  • $0f0: green
  • $00f: blue
  • $f80: orange
  • $ff0: yellow
  • $f0f: pink
  • $0ff: light blue
  • $888: grey
  • $fff: white

Here is a cheatsheet:


  • $08FNadeo will display Nadeo (ie. blue text)
  • $o$t$08FNadeo will display NADEO (ie. bold, uppercase and blue text)