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If you are already used to programming, this should be useful.

Language primary types are:


The other types, known as Classes, are composite types whose name start with a 'C'. CSmPlayer, CMlLabel, etc...

Language constant values are :

Type Values
Boolean True, False
Text Everything like "XXX" or """XXX"""
Integer Everything like 123789
Real Everything like 123789. or .12312
Vec2 < Real1, Real2 >
Vec3 < Real1, Real2, Real3 >
Int3 < Integer1, Integer2, Integer3 >
Ident NullId
Class Null

You can not create your own Ident or Class values, however many API functions return such values, and you can store them or use them like other ManiaScript variables

See more here...

Mathematical operators:

+ add value
- substract value
* multiply value
/ divide value
% remainder of value divison

Boolean operators:

! boolean "not", this will negate the boolean expression
&& boolean "and"
|| boolean "or"

Comparison operators:

== equals
!= not equals
< less than
> greater than
<= less or equal than
>= greater or equal than
Incremention operators:
+= add value to current
-= substract value from current
*= multiply current value
/= divide current value