Using a custom content

Once you have created or download a custom content it's normal to use it, to do it when you have the file (usually a "*.zip"), you have to place it on the following folder depending of the nature and the environment of the content:

By default [User Data] is C:\Users\***USERNAME***\Documents\ManiaPlanet yet you can specify the location yourself when you install Maniaplanet or via the Maniaplanet Launcher (with the Help button).

For skins & 3D models:

  • Trackmania² Canyon: [User Data]/Skins/Models/CanyonCar/
  • Trackmania² Valley: [User Data]/Skins/Models/ValleyCar/
  • Trackmania² Lagoon: [User Data]/Skins/Models/LagoonCar/
  • Trackmania² Stadium: [User Data]/Skins/Models/StadiumCar/
  • Shootmania Storm: [User Data]/Skins/Models/ArenaPlayer/

For mods:

  • Trackmania² Canyon: [User Data]/Skins/Canyon/Mod/
  • Trackmania² Valley: [User Data]/Skins/Valley/Mod/
  • Trackmania² Lagoon: [User Data]/Skins/Lagoon/Mod/
  • Trackmania² Stadium: [User Data]/Skins/Stadium/Mod/
  • Shootmania Storm: [User Data]/Skins/Storm/Mod/

For signs: [User Data]/Skins/Any/Advertisement/

For editor plugins: [User Data]/Scripts/Editorplugins/