Embed a block in a map

Tutorial from HaagseSmurf and aca from Maniaplanet forums This tutorial works for all Maniaplanet environments (Trackmania² Canyon, Trackmania² Stadium, Trackmania² Valley and Shootmania Storm)

From HaagseSmurf

A lot of info can be gathered from this topic
and from the importer documentation.
Embedded blocks are shared and posted on ManiaPark.
Don't forget that only the newly added objects can be used because they are compatible with the MP3 RC4 (and above) client and dedicated (since 15 july 2014).

From aca

The last few days I spent lots of time with this topic and I'd like to share what I collected:

In addition to Haagse's links: ConvertAssistant

And some good blender-sites:

And here what I worked out so far:

Hope this is useful for anyone :)