General FAQ / Account Support

The game said that my key is deactivated or that i'm not authorized to play my Maniaplanet Game

If you have bought one of our games recently through our official retailers Nexway (from official site), the Ubisoft Shop or Steam, it's probably due to a payment issue so you have to contact their support to the following addresses :

Please note that only authorized retailers will be supported if you have a key issue. Our authorized retailers list includes:

  • Ubisoft Store
  • Steam
  • Nexway
  • GamesPlanet
  • GamersGate
  • DLGamer
  • Amazon
  • GreenManGaming

I forgot my password

If you have forgot your password, you can generate a new one via the client ingame only. When ask for the password, just click on the button on the login screen. A mail will be sent to email address indicated in your account.

I forgot my login

You must contact the Ubisoft Support and give them all relevant informations (gamekey, mail attached to the account, copy of the order, ...) to this adress: and search for your Maniaplanet game.

I have forgotten or deleted my key, where i can retrieve it ?

To recover lost activation keys please contact your retailer.

If you continue to have a problem please contact the Ubisoft support at and submit a question to retrieve your lost activation key. You must include your account details and e-mail address attached to the account.

I have lost my validation code

You can generate a new validation code through the Player Page at this address:

I want to redownload the Maniaplanet client

You can redownload the Maniaplanet client at this address:

I want to report bad language or bad behavior in the game from a player, how can I do that?

While in game, if you suspect a player from any unauthorized behavior (cheating, bad language, etc), you can report them easily through in game:

Just check out the player nickname. Click "Tab" to open the player listing and click on the little buddy icon next to their name.

Then, click on report abuse and follow the procedure. The report will go to the server admin who will be able to handle the situation or to us if this is an official server.

We recommend you do not try to communicate with those people in anyway not to make the situation worse. You can refer to our charter to know what is considered good or bad:


What are the official game modes in ShootMania Storm?

Actually there are 8 officials modes developed by Nadeo for ShootMania Storm:

  • Melee: Free for All, the player has a certain amount of hit to do to win the map
  • Royal: A survival Free for All, where the aim is to be the last man standing at the end of the round. It’s possible to activate a sphere which will shrink the playing field via a pole which is generally located at the center of the map.
  • Battle : It’s a team-based pole capture mode. The goal is to capture the poles of the opponent team or to have the highest capture rate at the end of the timer to win a round.
  • Elite: a 3 vs 3 mode. On the field there is an offender equipped with a laser gun (can eliminate an opponent in one hit) with 3 armor points, must survive 45 seconds against 3 defenders equipped with rocket launchers (one armor damage per rocket). Once the time expires, they have 15 seconds to capture the pole or eliminate the 3 defenders (they can also do it the 45 first seconds) to win the round.
  • Joust: 1 v 1 mode. Players have limited ammunitions. They have to touch one of the poles present in the map to reload their weapons. To win a round, a player must hit their opponent a certain amount of time.
  • Combo: A competitive 2 v 2 mode. Eliminate all your opponents before they have the time to respawn. When a player is eliminated, their team will take more time to respawn. Bonus boxes are available on the map to unlock new weapons for the round and reload your armor.
  • Warlords: Warlords is a turn-based, top-down view game. Players (2 to 6) control the galaxy. The goal in Warlords is to expand your empire by taking control on free planets and making opponents your vassals. Futhermore, each planet provides you with gold which will allow you to conquer planets or protect your own ones.

Yet several game modes have already been created by the community!

What’s a station?

A station is the place where you can load a Title (like Joust and/or Elite) but can be many things like a graphic mod, a campaign (collection of maps), a minigame created with the ManiaScript and more.

You can unload a station by pressing the “Del” key on a station but note that you can’t unload a major station like Maniaplanet and ShootMania Storm. The working is like a DVD drive :)

Demo accounts

What do i have access with a Maniaplanet demo account?

From Maniaplanet 4 you have access to the channels. A channel is a place where are run programs created by Ubisoft Nadeo and the community based on Trackmania² or Shootmania Storm. A program can feature a special map playlist, maps with custom items, modded environnement or almost total conversion from the Maniaplanet games. These programs are cycled at fixed times, like a tv show on a tv channel. To know what is currently live, you can check these pages for Trackmania and Shootmania.

You have no playtime limit when playing on the channels on demo mode and you have access to all the programs of the channels.

What are the restrictions when playing with a demo account?

With a demo account you have the following limitations:

  • No access to the customization menu (which allow to choose the skin, horn, nickname).
  • No access to the solo campaigns.
  • No access to the servers created by the community.
  • No access to the LAN (local network) servers.
  • No access to the local multiplayer menu
  • No access to the editors (Map/Mediatracker/Replay/Painter/Mesh Modeler/etc.)
  • No planets (free ingame currency which allow to use several Maniaplanet services or to get stuff from the community) are earned.

How can I remove the restrictions?

You can remove the restriction by simply buying a Maniaplanet to remove most of the restriction since the restrictions will be removed from the game you have bought, not necessarily plateform-wide (especially for the solo campaigns, access to servers, local multiplayer and editors related to the environment bought).

Here is where you can buy the games: