Title Pack

A Title Pack is a set of elements "combined" together to create a new experience. By using a Title Pack, you will have access to several dedicated tools to really customize the environment. With it you can use the following features:

  • the ActionMaker: A tool to create custom animations, custom weapons
  • The Item Editor: To create objects for the Map Editor dedicated to the Title Pack, items (like pickup boxes), bots, lights
  • The ability to change the textures of the environment, to create new moods

Create a title pack offers also several features which are very helpful to control the experience:

  • A dedicated ladder
  • A customizable Home
  • A way to control the progression of the online servers (Open the 100k RoC or not for example, deice how much points you can gain by victory)
  • To hide the source code of the gamemode

Here is few examples of Title Packs:

TrackMania RPG:


As you can understand now, a Title Pack can be equivalent to a little game when you use all the features (use of the item, new art design, use of the bots, creation of weapons), it can be totally different to ShootMania (a bit less for TrackMania for the moment as it has less possibilities than ShootMania).