Command line

Option Name Role
/dedicated_cfg=xxx Specify a configuration file "dedicated_cfg.txt" to use. (xxx = filename relative to UserData/Config/)
/game_settings=xxx Specify a match settings file to use. (xxx = absolute file name or relative to UserData/Maps/)
/servername=xxx Override the server name
/title= Override which titlepack to load. Normally it takes this from the dedicated_cfg file.
/login=xxx Dedicated login (required for internet server). Create one on your PlayerPage
/password=xxx Dedicated password (required for internet server)
/lan Must be specified to join or create a LAN game (that is, not an internet server)
/forceip=xxx(:xx) Forces the public ip address to this value. optionally with a port as well
/bindip=xxx(:xx) Chooses the ip to bind to, and sets the public ip to this value. (you still can use /forceip to chose a different public ip). This is used when the machine has several network interfaces.
/nodaemon (linux) Doesn't automatically detach the process
/loadcache Loads the "checksum.txt" instead of recomputing it, to speed up first launch time if P2P is enabled. DO NOT USE if you run several servers in the same directory!
/nologs Disables the creation of "GameLog.txt" and "ConsoleLog.txt" in Logs/ directory.
/noautoquit Keeps the server running "waiting for rpc commands", even if it is not live (with a map loaded and ready to receive players). The default behaviour is to quit, because this situation is mostly caused by configuration errors
/verbose_rpc_full (Debug option) Display the whole contents of the xml-rpc requests the dedicated server receives
/verbose_rpc (Debug option) Displays the xml-rpc requests the dedicated server receives, but only the name of the XmlRpc? command and some parameters
/spectate=xxx Joins a server as spectator. (xxx = the server ip adress with optional port, or the server login.) (this is used to start a relay server)
/serverpassword=xxx Password to use to join the server if the server is private
/serverplugin=xxx Specify a Maniascript file to load in the CServerPlugin context, relative to the UserData/Scripts/ folder.
/parsegbx=xxx Dumps minor JSON output information for a Gbx file relative to the current directory.