Import a character skin

Character skins can be displayed and selected by players in the profile/models menu, and the scripts can also force skins to players during gameplay.

The asset files to import must be located in the folder {maniaplanet_user_dir}/Work/Skins/Models/{name_of_the_model}/{name_of_the_skin} For the default shootmania model (aka 'the shootman'), {name_of_the_model} is ArenaPlayer

The asset files to provide are

  • the mesh file (.Fbx format, version 2013.3 maximum)
  • the textures (to place in subfolder "Texture")
  • the animations file(.Fbx format, version 2013.3 maximum)
  • the .anim.xml animation definition file
  • the icon (to place in a subfolder "Icon")
  • the sounds (optional)

See Sample skin : Work/Skins/Models/ArenaPlayer/SintelSample (in

To learn how to prepare the character mesh for import, see the dedicated page : mesh import