Performance profiler

  1. To start the debugger, press Ctrl + F7 You will have an histogram in the middle of the screen, and a little window in the top left corner:

  2. When you have a micro freeze, you will have a slightly higher bar, click on Paused: False to freeze the histogram. (Press Alt to unlock the mouse in game)

  3. When the histogram is stopped, click on the highest bar to show the detail:

  4. You can click on a second bar to get a comparison:

  5. Press F10 and go to MyDocument\ManiaPlanet\ScreenShots folder to get the screenshot.

Profesional tips / Advanced tips: These tips are for professionals and for bugs, issues, micro-freezes that can help advance the game-developers.

  1. Press F12 and you will see information about CPU Usage aswell as GPU Usage:

  2. Press Ctrl+F11 3 times to get the following window:

It will show the TCpu or TGpu. It will help Nadeo to see if it is a CPU issue or GPU one.

Press F10 to make a screenshot or do a printscreen and save it in Paint or any other graphic design tool and save it in a webformat like a .png or .jpg.