Customize a scoretable

From Maniaplanet 4, with the module studio, you are able to create a scoretable based on the default from Maniaplanet yet highly customizable.

First open up Maniaplanet, then a title pack, select Title Tools in Editors. Then select the Module Studio menu.

Now you have to load the ScoreTable module (from one of the game mode if you want a configuration close to one of those).

Now you have access to a large range of settings that you can modify, as well as add or remove elements in the scoretable.

Enabling the Advanced Parameters allow to change some or all the images of the scoretable.

Once you have customized the scoretable, You must create a HUD (still inside the Module Studio and where the content can be empty except for the scoretable) and load it in the gamemode script.


When it's loaded you can manage it directly from the script: