Getting started

Work in Progress

The Nadeo Importer is a tool to generate items (static objects, dynamic objects, characters), and also to generate character or vehicle skins.

The source assets must be placed in sub folders of {maniaplanet_user_dir}/Work.
The corresponding imported files will be created in sub folders of {maniaplanet_user_dir} (whithout /Work)

for instance:
{maniaplanet_user_dir}\Work\Skins\Models\ArenaPlayer\Susu => {maniaplanet_user_dir}\Skins\Models\ArenaPlayer\
{maniaplanet_user_dir}\Work\Items\Storm\Dolmen\DolmenHorizontalA.Item.xml => {maniaplanet_user_dir}\Items\Storm\Dolmen\Laser.DolmenHorizontalA.gbx
and so on.

Current Release

importer :

sample files :

the importer must be unzipped in the {Maniaplanet_exe_dir} folder (the same folder that contains ManiaPlanet.exe, typically c:/program files/Maniaplanet or c:/Program files (x86)/Maniaplanet )
You might neeed administrator rights to unzip and place the importer files here

the sample files must be unzipped in the {maniaplanet_user_dir} folder (typically the folder {My Documents}/Maniaplanet)

Import an item

See the dedicated page: item import

Import an character skin

See the dedicated page: character skin import

Import a car skin

See the dedicated page: car skin import

Import a mesh

See the dedicated page: mesh a import
Note : A mesh itself isn't usable in Maniaplanet, but is a component of items and char skins

Import a font

See the dedicated page: font import


2017-05-18  - Fixed car import
2017-05-10  - MaterialLib Update:
                - fixed for turbo & turbo2 wrong physicsid
                - support for upcoming lagoon enviro
2017-05-05  - Mp4 update :
                - Updated MaterialLib
                - support for 3-Uvlayers materials : see Block_CanyonTurboDecal in samples
                - font : attributes "EnableHD" (for better font resolution) and "AllGlyphsFromTTF"
                - materials : support for different texture names in slots 
                - faster LQ dds compressor.
2014-10-22  - mesh import fixes :   fixed Collada (DAE) import. 
                                    fixed import crashes
2014-09-10  - mesh import fixes :
                - wrong mesh optimisation when smoothing groups (for .3ds)
                - fix crash with "not collidable"
                - fix a bug causing too much faces in shapes for items with lod. (re-import recommended)
                - fix a bug causing duplicated vertices on some materials.

2014-07-23  - font importer
2014-04-08  - major importer update, new doc
2014-03-28  - pivot snapping parameter (pivot snapping already existed but it could not be customized nor deactivated)
            - pivot switching now binded to numpad "." key (because 'tab' is now used to hide item list in the editor)
2014-01-08  - added link for with fixes the "nojoint" problem on skelgeneric import
2013-09-25  - updated dynamic mesh material list
2013-08-21  - fix wildcard '*' problem
2013-07-26  - flying items
2013-07-08  - additional placement options
2013-06-08  - new version, with support for valley materials.
                the available material list for each environment is now a separate file NadeoImporterMaterialLib.txt.
                new <Option> tag in item xml
2013-06-03  - fixed some typos
2013-05-13  - major conventions changes
            - support for fbx 2013.3.
            - custom character skin import
            - dynamic objects
2012-12-27  - corrected the scale problem
2012-12-21  - grid snapping and cube parameters in the xml file
2012-11-07  - support for tga textures as input
2012-09-19  - ObjectImportMaterialList from command line, added Canyon materials
            - corrected ObjectImportMaterialList.txt
            - typo TDSN, updated importer (fixed a crash when no material), added ObjectImportMaterialList.txt
2012-09-18  - xml file, lightmapUV warnings, editor notes, command line import
2012-09-07  - initial revision

All releases

sample files :