Maniaplanet Protocol (maniaplanet://)

Use the maniaplanet:// protocol to access various functionalities from a simple URI.

command description
maniaplanet://#join=serverlogin@TITLEID Join a specific server
maniaplanet://#spectate=serverlogin Logs you into a server as spectator from an external link
maniaplanet://#qjoin=serverlogin@TITLEID QuickJoin a specific server without the normal window before joining a server
maniaplanet://#qspectate=serverlogin QuickSpectate a server to join as Spectator
maniaplanet://#joinasreferee=serverlogin Join a specific server as referee
maniaplanet://#addfavorite=serverlogin Add a specific server as favorite server
maniaplanet://#score=scoremeta Link is generated in game to send scores that one can challenge on another computer
maniaplanet://#opponent=login:map:group@TITLEID play a campaign track against an opponent
maniaplanet://#campaign=map@TITLEID Play a specific map of the title's campaign
maniaplanet://#menutitle=TITLEID Will open the menuTitle of a TitleUID
maniaplanet://#openstore=TITLEID Will open the shop to buy the game, depending on the distribution platform. (not useful for user titles)
maniaplanet://#menustations=* * can be home, play, store, options
maniaplanet://#addbuddy=login Add a buddy
maniaplanet://#invitebuddy=login Invite a buddy
maniaplanet://#mailto=login Send a message to a preferred login with the in-game mail system
maniaplanet://url Open an URL into the in-game browser
maniaplanet:///:manialink Open a manialink into the in-game browser (please note the three slashes and the colon)

You can find the official title ids on this table.

command description
#xxx=serverlogin@TITLEID Join a specific server
#xxx=serverlogin:serverpassword@TITLEID Join a private server
#xxx=192.168.xx.xx::port@TITLEID Join a LAN server (default port is 2350)
#xxx=192.168.xx.xx:serverpassword:port@TITLEID Join a private LAN server

command description
#campaign=mapname@TITLEID play the map from the campaign matching the name
#campaign=#5@TITLEID play the fifth map of the campaign
#campaign=#3,1@TITLEID play the third map of the first group (usually A03)

command description
#menustations= open the stations menu
#menustations=home open the home tab on the stations menu
#menustations=play@TITLEID open the play station on the title specified (if it is installed)
#menustations=store?titleUid=TITLEID open the store tab, on the title page (if it's published in the store)
#menustations=store?TITLEID open the store tab, on the title page (if it's published in the store)

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