With the latest version of ManiaPlanet the way "interactive" blocks are managed in ManiaScript changed. Several classes like CSmBlockPole or CSmBlockSpawn are now deprecated and replaced by a new one: CSmMapLandmark. This new class represent a kind of meta object that can contains several components like spawn, gauge, gate, etc.


All this classes are now considered deprecated and will be removed from the ManiaScript API at some points (in the far future).

  • CSmBase
  • CSmBlock
  • CSmBlockPole
  • CSmBlockSpawn
  • CSmScriptBotPath
  • CSmGauge
  • CSmLandmark
  • CSmObjectAnchor
  • CSmSector

Landmark structure

A landmark have the following components:

|-- (Text) Tag
|-- (Integer) Order
|-- (Vec3) Position
|-- (CSmMapBase) Base
|-- (CSmMapGate) Gate
|-- (CSmMapGauge) Gauge
|-- (CSmMapSector) Sector
|-- (CSmMapPlayerSpawn) PlayerSpawn
|-- (CSmMapBotPath) BotPath
|-- (CSmMapObjectAnchor) ObjectAnchor

All the members of the CSmLandmark class (Tag, Order and Position) are now in the CSmMapLandmark class at the exception of DirFront which is removed. With the introduction of custom objects import, the landmarks are more versatile than before. A player can create a spawn block combined with a gauge and a sector and then write a game mode where this spawn must be captured before being able to spawn players. All the components of a landmark are optional. In the above example you'll find a value in Gauge, Sector and PlayerSpawn but Null in the others components of the landmark. So when going through a landmark array, be sure to check if the component you're trying to access is Null or not before using it.

The default ShootMania blocks have the following components:

  • Pole and checkpoint: Base, Gauge, Sector
  • Gate : Base, Gauge, Sector, Gate
  • Spawn : Base, PlayerSpawn
  • Item : ObjectAnchor
  • Bot path : BotPath

Working with landmarks

When working in the CSmMode or CSmMlScriptIngame context you now have access to several arrays listing different kinds of landmarks.

  • MapLandmarks
  • MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
  • MapLandmarks_Gauge
  • MapLandmarks_BotPath
  • MapLandmarks_ObjectAnchor
  • MapLandmarks_Gate

Their names should be quite explicit. MapLandmarks contains all the landmarks while the others contain landmarks with at least one specific component: PlayerSpawn, Gauge, BotPath, ObjectAnchor or Gate. So if you go through the MapLandmarks_Gauge array you could find poles, gates or custom objects with a Gauge. All these arrays contain objects of class CSmMapLandmarks and not the specified component. So in MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn you'll find objects with the class CSmMapLandmark and not CSmMapPlayerSpawn.

Beside these arrays you can also use the ShootMania/Map library to find and access the landmarks of the current map. You can find its documentation [here]({{ site.docurl }}/creation/maniascript/libraries/library-shootmania-map.html).

Converting old modes

If your mode uses some deprecated elements it should continue to work without any errors. But if you try to compile it again you'll receive a warning suggesting to replace the deprecated variables by their new counterparts. BlockPoles is now replaced by the MapLandmarks_Gauge array, BlockSpawns by MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn and Bases by MapBases. In most cases just updating the variables is enough, but in the case of the poles it will need a little more work for several reasons.

Until now the Captured variable was located in the CSmBlockPole class. Now this variable can be found in CSmMapGauge and not in CSmMapLandmark. It's a common mistake at first.

You should also be cautious on the content of the MapLandmarks_XXX arrays. By example in BlockPoles you had only the poles listed, but in MapLandmarks_Gauge you can find the poles, the gates and maybe some custom objects. You can't do something like that safely:

foreach (Landmark in MapLandmarks_Gauge) {
  if (Landmark.Sector.PlayersIds.count > 0) {
    // Capture ...

The Sector component of the landmark can be Null and you're not certain that it is really a pole. So you should check that Sector is not Null and/or check the Tag of the landmark to be sure it is a pole.

The BlockPole variable of the CSmPlayer class is replaced by CapturedLandmark which contains the landmark on which the player is. This Landmark must have a valid Sector to detect the presence of the player.

The BlockPole variable of the CSmModeEvent class is replaced by Landmark which contains the landmark associated to the gauge that was captured.